Dear Reading Musicians

Hi – my name is Chris Beales (lead singer of the band Avian). I am hosting an event, as part of the Reading Climate Festival, on Sat 14th November. It’s called How does it make you feel…? and is a chance to talk about the links between climate change – and the emotions that inspires – and us as musicians.

I am going to be working with the wonderful Fiona Talkington (BBC Radio 3). We want to play through a few songs, with interviews with the musicians. The aim is to explore different genres and different feelings. And then wrap up the ‘show’ with an open conversation, talking about the role we have as musician to inspire and energise climate action.

We are looking for musicians / bands with links to Reading. Do you have a song that you have written that has some link to topic of climate change? It might be an angry song / piece of music; a lament; a protest song; or something that makes you hopeful. If you do, please follow this to Introduce your song.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Wishing you well,

Chris Beales

former Chair of the Reading Climate Change Partnership (RCCP)

event poster

Link to PDF here

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2 Replies to “Dear Reading Musicians”

  1. hi Chris and Fiona
    Yes I have 3 songs, “Peak Cavern Adieu” which is in YouTube. Also some accompanying climate change poetry inspired by interacting natural environments, tree campaigns, floods and streams to this song of personal themes. The new album “The Approach” songs are set in Derbyshire, and the rural river Thames which we live on. “Moonlit Hill” sees a snow covered Streatley hill and calls over the Irish Sea to friends in Bantry Bay. “All Rivers” written at the ocean, links all the waterways through water molecules globally. (These songs are unrecorded at time of writing due to delay getting into studio, but can be played or filmed live)
    Christina hogg

    1. Hi Christina,
      That’s wonderful – thank you. The songs sound perfect. Are you ok to fill out the form? You can do one for all 3 if you like.
      Any problems, drop me a line and I’ll help. 🙂
      Take care and speak soon.


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