‘Let’s save the frogs’ by Captain Batgirl (Maisy Inston)

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The climate crisis we are in is an incredibly scary and overwhelming thing. There is definitely a time and a place to feel those fearful emotions, but I find they can sometimes hinder our sense that we can change our situation. This song, and many of my others, takes the stance that if you can make the message funny, catchy and empowering, it can help people feel like they do have more of a say in what’s going on. I’m also, in a way, a little annoyed that not enough people know about the crisis facing our amphibians all over the world. It’s not fair to overlook them just because they’re not cute and fluffy, and so there is a subtle notion of me shaking my audience by the shoulders to get them to pay attention to the frogs!

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I have lived here for almost all of my life. I joined the Reading music scene as a teenager when my family all joined the wonderful band that is Dolly & The Clothespegs. Watching the local musicians at venues like The Rising Sun Arts Centre inspired me to teach myself guitar and give song-writing a go!

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One Reply to “‘Let’s save the frogs’ by Captain Batgirl (Maisy Inston)”

  1. Great song… and it lures frogs.!! One slithered out of a hidey hole in the garden and plopped into the pond. First frog i have seen this year. Well done captain!
    Love from Great Aunt Susanne

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